Crabmeat Wonton Mee

Rare lunch time outing with M, so I decided to drag her with me to try crabmeat wonton mee noodles at MacPherson Road, courtesy of a blog post I saw here. Fortunately, it’s near our house, so an easy ten minute drive and we were there just shortly before the lunch time crowd descended.

Funnily enough, I was expecting to see the same Ah Beng looking hawker as was pictured in the blog post. Instead, it was a “uncle” and “auntie” manning the stall. “Auntie” took the order, “uncle” made the noodles


Not knowing what to expect, we ordered the small version ($4), which comes with two fried wontons and two wontons in a very peppery soup. Ever the price fanatic, M quipped, “the wonton mee at our place is $2.50”

Ok, so this is what we felt about this $4 plate of wonton mee. The selling point is definitely the fried wontons. We felt that they had the edge over the soupy wontons. We like the mix of chestnuts, crab and pork mince. The fried wontons were crispy and the filling was rather generous. If we had a plate of these, these would definitely be devoured in no time.

The noodles were cooked well and the sauce complimented the noodles. However, there was no “wow” factor there. M even went so far as to say that the noodles were no different from the $2.50 version we got from the stall near our house.

It really is all about the wontons then.


A close up of the crabmeat wonton dish…


Despite M’s gripe about the price difference, I must say that this was a pretty solid bowl of wonton mee. The fried wontons are one of the better ones I’ve had in a while. At least now we know of alternative options around the area when we’re in need of a wonton mee (specifically fried wonton) fix.

Add: 560 MacPherson Road

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