Old School Delights

One of my biggest grips about the eating scene in Singapore is the relative difficulty in getting a decent bowl of mee siam or mee rebus. It’s a relatively simple (but tedious to make) malay noodle dish and the key to a good bowl of mee siam or mee rebus is in its gravy. Rarely any protein is used, except maybe if you count prawns in the Nonya versions of mee siam and it’s typically quite vegetarian in nature.But!

It is so hard to find! Many a time, I’ve spied a Malay stall in a food court or wet market and gone up to it thinking that I could get my mee siam fix… but no… I’ve been turned away because the stall owner only made nasi padang for sale that day.

Thankfully though, I’ve discovered Old School Delights along upper Thomson road, which offers a pretty decent rendition of mee siam and other old school delights such as mee rebus and nasi lemak.


The one thing that most people would gripe about though is its price. A bowl of mee siam starts from $5.80, which is wayyy about what one would normally pay for a bowl of mee siam at a hawker centre. The ingredients don’t differ too much too, though Old School Delight’s version does given you some added tau kwa and tau pok.

However, the one thing that helps to compensate for the relatively high price is its taste. The mee siam gravy is pretty authentic and has this nice subtle spicy kick to it. If not for health reasons, I would literally scoop the bowl clean every time I order this dish.


Same goes for its mee rebus. The gravy has this nice gooey thickness, though I personally feel that the mee siam has the edge (just the slightest!)


For the health conscious or the sick / weary, there is also old school comfort food in the form of chicken macaroni. Not the most popular choice, but I’m glad it’s there on the menu to balance out all the other fried / high calorie dishes


Another positive point for me is the cozy atmosphere at Old School Delights. It can get a little crowded, especially during the weekends, but somehow I always manage to get a quiet seat (even when I’m alone) and just for that couple of hours, it’s just me, my kindle, my comfort foods and possibly a glass of home made barley. Bliss.

Add: 215M Upper Thomson Road

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