Andong Zzimdak

Bar lectures have started and for the past week, my classmates and I found ourselves trudging to the so familiar shopping centre of Raffles City for lunch. Many a time, a comment could be heard that we should be looking to find other nearby alternatives instead of heading to the foodcourt each time. Finally on Thursday, I did some googling and realized that a new Korean place had opened in the basement. Finally! Somewhere new and interesting we could try in between lectures

Andong Zzimdak is known for its Andong jjimdak, a Korean dish made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in Korean soy sauce. It is a very generous dish (portion wise) and also tends to be considered a nutritious dish due to the high protein content from the chicken and various vitamins provided by the vegetables in the dish. A typical Andong Jjimdak starts at $40 for two persons, with prices increasing as with different variations.

$40 can be a little steep for lunch for students on a budget. Thankfully, there are the more affordable lunch sets (starting from $12.90) which allowed us to try their dishes (albeit at less heart thumping prices).

Andong Zzimdak with rice and fried egg


Andong Zzimdak fried rice with a fried egg. We also ordered a small seafood pancake, which was just a $2 top off with the lunch set.


If you order a lunch set, you also get to order a soup for $7.90. We got a tofu soup to share


This was an interesting side to Korean cuisine that we had never seen before, and it was really great to finally have a Korean restaurant that serves foods other than bulgogi and bibimbap. Certainly wouldn’t mind coming back again while we continue to have lectures nearby.

Add: Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-44F, 252 North Bridge Road

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