Twins Korean Restaurant

Korean fried chicken has been the rage for quite a while. I had a slight taste of it during my trip to 4 fingers quite a while back. Recently too, to celebrate our retention, my colleagues had treated us to Korean fried chicken and I quite enjoyed it.

For some reason, the craving had hit again yesterday and I spent some time doing some research online on where the popular places in Singapore were for Korean fried chicken. Ironically, I did not find as many reviews as expected. Perhaps the craze has died down? I decided to check out Twins at Craig Road since the reviews (while written quite a while back) seem quite good and I figured that prices seemed reasonable as well, especially if one went during lunch.IMG_8237

Met up with B for lunch at around 1pm on a weekday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t so crowded and it was easy to find a table. Twins has lunch sets which allows you to try their popular offerings at rather affordable prices.

Turns out that B had done some research as well, so she knew what were the popular offerings. My next question to her was how much she could eat. Then came the tentative reply “I could eat… though I really shouldn’t… Yes… I can eat….”

Ok we went for it. This is what we got:

Soy and Lemon Kkanpungku – medium portion – boneless fried chicken with shredded leek topping with soy and lemon sauce. This was the first dish in front of us and I must say that we really devoured it. I really like the lemon and leek topping, which provided a nice balance to the soy flavour.


Next up, we had one of their lunch sets, the soy and garlic chicken with a choice of fries or rice. We opted for the fries version since we were sharing. Another win, the chicken was crispy and the soy and garlic seasoning was perfect.


Another popular item that we read about was the spicy seafood noodle. We got the lunch set for this too. It was a generous portion of noodle with lots of seafood (mussels, clams, squid, mushrooms, prawns). The noodles got a bit too soft towards the end (perhaps from soaking up all the broth, and perhaps also because we did not attack it immediately when it was put down in front of us), but the broth was pretty awesome and was full of flavour.


We were quite stuffed so did not get to try other popular items on the menu such as their seafood pancake, or their ice cream beer. However, Korean fried chicken craving was definitely satisfied. Now I know where to go next time I need my fix.

Add: 7 Craig Road

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