Whenever I’m looking for a quick lunch spot, I tend to head over to Asia Square. Lots of space, different varieties of food and it’s often to get a seat if one goes there after 1pm (Yeah, late lunches happen a lot when you’re a trainee). The queue at Wafuken – a hip healthy Japanese fusion place is often long, but one day I decided to just try it and see what the hype was all about.


Wafuken does not have any standard plates. It’s a pick and choose situation. First, you pick your protein which ranges from chicken to fish (halibut / salmon) to beef (sirloin / wagyu). From then on, you pick your carbs (rice, soba, pasta, potato salad etc) and any other extras you may like (eg. tofu, avocado, truffle oil etc). When you collect your food you get to pick your choice of sauce (eg. black pepper, soy garlic, etc)

I’ve tried the following combinations thus far:

Sirloin (half) + donburi set (which consists of Japanese rice, pickles, soft boiled egg).


Chicken (half) , tofu and sweet potato salad


Halibut and soba


First off, I really like the fact that you get to pick and choose and mix up your food. This means that almost everyone gets a different place. I reckon that one of the best combinations I had was the sirloin and donburi set. The ingredients are also pretty healthy and is perfect for the diet / health conscious peoples. The only reservation I have is about the sous vide technique that the stall employs for all its proteins. While tasty nonetheless, a part of me misses the charred, hearty flavour / texture that one gets from grilling the meats. Nonetheless, whenever I’m looking for a tasty, healthy meal, Wafuken is one of those stalls that I would consider whenever I’m at Asia Square.

Add: #02-05, Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2

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