Dutch Baby Cafe

When J first showed me a picture of a blogger’s latest post on Dutch Baby Cafe, my instinctive reaction was to say “Yes, let’s go” Thankfully, she was of the same sentiment, and we made arrangements to meet up for Saturday lunch to check the place out. Even though the name of the cafe is “Dutch Baby Cafe”, the concept was actually formed by a Japanese company. This explains the other Japanese inspired dishes on the menu. 


Despite it being the weekend, we were able to get a table comfortably. Other than the pancakes, the menu also has several other savoury dishes such as curry baked rice, lemon chicken baked rice and curry udon. We agreed to go for one savoury and one sweet – my suggestion totally… it’s a little hard for me to have just a “sweet dish” for a main meal unless its dessert!

Our savoury dish – lemon chicken baked cheese curry. I really really liked this. Usually, baked rice suffers from too much cheese or too much sauce, and one starts to feel really “jelat” halfway through the dish. However, the proportions here were just nice and it was really easy to finish up.


Next up, the reason why we came. My first thought when this was put in front of me was, “Dutch pancake, or a failed souffle?” I’m joking of course, but fun fact from wikipedia: Dutch baby pancakes originated from the United States! A classic example of immigrant-inspired food, much like our very own hainanese chicken rice in Singapore.

When we dug into this, it didn’t feel like those thick batter type pancakes that we’re usually used to. Instead, it was so light and fluffy, the texture of which was almost akin to a really thin omelette. (Not surprisingly), this was very easy to finish up.


In all, a very delightful lunch. I thought prices were pretty reasonable too, for a cafe that is located in the heart of Orchard Road.

Add: 290 Orchard Road, #B1-13

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