Crab in da Bag

Crab in da bag is the place you go to with good friends. Really good friends who have no qualms getting their fingers dirty with you, finger lickin good dirty. As J remarked, this is not the place for the first date. Interestingly though, Crab in da Bag is located in a place which is ideal for the romantic evening walk. Oh well!

crab in da bag

When you first walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted with a loud “AHOY!”. I certainly wasn’t expecting that and was a bit taken aback at first. Throughout the evening, as more and more customers walked in, the “Ahoys'” actually started to be bit of a joke among us. Especially, when the baby sitting at the table next to us started echoing the “Ahoy” cry whenever it sounded.

As there were six of us, we got the biggest seafood pot to share, consisting of lobster, alaskan crab, crayfish, crawfish, mussels, squid, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and sausages. The food came with three types of sauces – garlic butter, spicy chilli and sweet thai sauce.

When the pot came out, it was quite a bit of a show. The bell rang, the waiter made us all hold the sheets of the table up and we all got our cameras ready as he poured the entire mass of seafood onto the sheet. Glorious masses of fresh seafood came tumbling down. The array of orange, lemon and brown colours made it quite a sight!

crab in da bag1


Where to start? I think we all just went for the nearest piece of seafood. For the next one hour, it was just a lot of peeling, eating and just good old fun enjoyment of food. I found the seafood to be really fresh and my favourite sauce was probably the sweet Thai sauce followed by the lemon garlic butter.

Just be careful when you break open the shells of the seafood! A sent a burst of crab juice soaring onto J’s face while she was attempting to break open the shells. The bibs are not 100% protective!


The only comment we had about the whole experience was we didn’t get to have our seafood cooked in the bag together with the spices (which would have been the case if we had ordered a la carte). However, there is always a next time, and definitely crab in the da bag is a great place to eat and be merry with your closest friends.

Add: 8 Stadium Walk, #02-05 Water Sports Centre

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