Aloha Poke

Interestingly enough, I was first introduced to Aloha Poke through its drinks, and not through its main food offering – raw fish salad. Attended a drinks party at Aloha Poke which was how I got to know about this unique raw fish salad bar. Following the drinks party, I returned to Aloha Poke on a few occasions, during lunch and dinner to try out its food menu.

Poke bowls find their origin from Hawaii, it’s like the most bizzare combination – raw and cooked, hot and cold. And yet, this trend seems to  be sweeping in right into Singapore. The first layer consists of rice, which is then to counterbalance the fish taste of the raw fish. Secondly, and the most important ingredient, is the raw fish (which has to be fresh, if not the bowl is moot). Thirdly, this is followed by the poke sauce and the garnishes. This can range from anything from soy sauce, to spicy chilli and wasabi mayo. There you have it, a mix of asian / western all mixed into one bowl.

My visit to Aloha Poke during lunch showed just how popular this had become. Prices are on the high end for lunch, a standard poke bowl costs $15.90. You get a couple of options for the base – white rice, brown rice or just salad. For the standard poke bowl, you get two raw fish options, and the most popular ones are tuna and salmon. The types of seasoning range from seasonal to spicy to wasabi mayo. Finally, you get to choose a superfood, ranging from avocado to chia seeds. Once you’ve made your options, the bowl is topped with salad, cucumber, pineapple, tomato and a lime garnish.
Come back for dinner and the you won’t find the poke bowls. However, you can still satisfy your raw fish craving along with other small plates and delicious cocktails.

Wasabi mayo tuna and seasonal salmon served with nachos

Baked avocado with cheese, parma ham and fish roe – one of our favourite dishes during the dinner outing (besides the raw fish of course)

Roasted pork belly served with charred pineapple cubes

And of course, Aloha Poke transforms into a tiki bar at night and they do serve some interesting cocktails. The last time we went, there was a UOB special for 1 for 1 cocktails. Perfect!

Add: 92 Amoy St

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