Sushi Murasaki

Caught up with an old friend two weeks back as she is currently on exchange in Singapore. I left the food suggestions to her as I’m absolutely clueless about what’s good / new nowadays and she suggested going to Sushi Murasaki. I have yet to visit the place, so was totally game. 


The restaurant is designed like a typical kaiseki restaurant one finds in Japan, counter seats facing the chef and a private room at the back.


On hindsight, it may have been a better idea to make a reservation, given the limited space. However, as it turns out, they had seats available that afternoon and we were seated at the counter straight away.

I had read about their wagyu don, so we decided to try that. The chef also recommended a sushi platter which we could also share between the both of us.

Chawanmushi and stewed vegetables starters


Sushi platter – I kind of expected the chef to let us know the different kinds of sushi that was served (as they usually do in Japan) but he didn’t do so. Small issue, but definitely something one would find odd especially if one has been through the sushi counter experience in Japan. Another issue was that while the ingredients were as fresh as they could possibly be, I felt my experiences in Tokyo had somehow raised my expectation of sushi and the quality to be expected. Especially, the uni had this fishy taste, and I really do miss the melt in your mouth uni that I had in Kyubey previously.


The wagyu don we had is quite the unique creation. When describing it after to my friends, many groaned at how overly decadent it sounded and how it just would not work. After all, you have garlicky rice, topped with wagyu beef, truffles, uni, fish roe and foie gras.

However, for some reason, it just did. All the flavours just blended together to create this super satisfying decadent don. We really made quick work out of this.


A close up of the don and its various ingredientsIMG_7772

For two persons, with no drinks, the bill came out to about $100 per person. J said that she would return for the wagyu don. Personally, I am also inclined to agree with her, though perhaps I would wait a while till my next return!

Add: 9 raffles boulevard #02-08 millenia walk , 039596

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