New Ubin Seafood

April is the month of birthdays in my family. This year, we decided to have a joint birthday lunch and celebrate good old hearty finger licking style by having seafood lunch at New Ubin Seafood. It’s located in an industrial area of Singapore – cars are definitely needed to get to this place, which is quite ironic considering that the restaurant is surrounded by a whole ring of car workshops. 


As per its namesake, seafood is definitely the highlight here. We had several dishes to shares:

Deep fried eggplant crisps in a spicy sweet/sour sauce. This is one of the restaurant’s specialties and it was quite a interesting dish. The spicy sweet/sour sauce worked and we were really happy with this starter.

Prawn paste chicken

Spicy kang kong – a must with every zi char meal

Mee Goreng Noodles for the birthday people!

Cereal prawns

Highlights of the meal – Black pepper crab!! A family favourite and there were no holds barred the moment this was laid down in front of us.

Salted egg yolk crab!!

Slipper lobster / crayfish with fried garlic.

In all, a really fulfilling and hearty lunch. We especially loved the crab and slipper lobster / crayfish dishes. I can see this becoming one of our go-too places for seafood from now on.

Add: Block 27 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A #01-174

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