Bird Bird

Bird Bird reminds you of one of those street eateries along Bangkok – full of neon lights, metal tables and plastic chairs on the road. The difference is that Bird Bird is located along the hippy-posh area of Ann Siang road and they have a pretty full on alcohol list (wine/liquor/cocktails etc). It’s probably one of the few places on club street where you feel comfortable just wearing shorts and slippers to eat.  

As the girls were just looking for a casual get together, Bird Bird seemed like the ideal place for a Saturday night dinner. Surprisingly, club street area was almost deserted that weekend, which made for a very quiet and nice dinner with the girls. The menu is not very extensive but portions are big. As such, the menu does immediately recommend two dishes per person. We had the following:

Oyster omelette – big fluffy omelette with oysters, loads of fresh vegetables, topped with a salad sauce. Very simple and tasty dish.

Basil Duck Tater Tots – spicy minced duck and hash browns. The duck tater tots turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for me. I didn’t really get much duck from the dish and it felt more like a vegetarian dish than anything.

Next up, we had two side dishes to share – papaya salad and nuggets with a dipping sauce. Both were very good and very tasty.

Thai fried chicken with green chilli dipping sauce. Awesome – this went away so fast. I especially loved the dipping sauce.

Waterfall lamb – roasted lamb rib marinated in smoked chillies, lime juice, and fish sauce. This picture does not really do the dish justice, but this was the standout dish for me. It’s so hard to find a place in Singapore that cooks lamb really well and Bird Bird is one of those few places that do.

For dessert, we tried one of their many neh neh pop flavours – yoghurt with oats and honey.

We also tried one of their signature desserts – coconut ice cream with corn and fried chicken skins. The fried chicken skins was a unique touch, but one which we were not really used to. We ended up pushing the chicken skins to the side in the end.

For three persons, the food and drinks (we all had one cocktail each) came up to about $70++ per person. Portions were definitely generous and the flavours were there. Some hits and misses for us, though we definitely had a great time and enjoyed the food overall.

Add: 18 Ann Siang Road

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