Typically Monday morning at work. I ask YL out for lunch but he declines as he is in training. However, about ten minutes later, L messages asking if I’m free for lunch. Of course I am! 

She suggests meeting at Koji and my first instinct is “where is that!”. Working in an office building located outside central Raffles Place does have its disadvantages at times. Luckily, I figure out that I can just take one train stop down to Telok Ayer and the restaurant is just a quick 5 minutes away. Nonetheless, I’m still the last one to arrive, which also means that I didn’t have to wait as long as the others before we were showed to our table.

Koji is pretty much known for its affordable prices, especially at lunch time. The space itself is small. A sushi bar surrounding on three sides by counter seats crammed side by side one another. I would guess that the sushi bar could serve around 20 people at any one time?


As a result of the limited space, service is pretty efficient. Once we were shown to our seats, mini salad bowls and miso soup were waiting for us and we received our drinks pretty quickly as well.
I had the eel rice bowl ($17) which comes with the option of brown rice or normal rice (all the donburi have this option). I chose the normal white rice as admittedly, I am not a health freak and brown rice does not particularly appeal to me at all. The rice was topped with some crispies and a very generous piece of eel with an equally healthy serving of pickles. This was a really great lunch bowl for me. I practically wiped my bowl clean. IMG_7652

L had the pork cheek rice bowl ($17) served with an onsen egg. According to her, this was pretty delicious as well.

I think that Koji is a really great lunch spot (despite the distance from the office) for affordable and good Japanese food. Naturally, it can’t beat the prices you find at Shenton Way, but anytime one has a craving for Japanese food, this is a good place to check out.

Add: 3 Pickering Street, #01-42,Nankin Row

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