Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a friend, but life happens and when that friend calls the gang up for the last dinner before she flies out of Singapore, you try your hardest to make it, even when work is literally killing you. So this is what happened two weeks ago, the RGL gang met up for one last time for a local-ish dinner at Tung Lok Xi He to have some peking duck and chilli crab. Even J made it, despite just flying back from Myanmar that afternoon and being done with food poisoning.


Interestingly, I haven’t had Peking Duck in a while. To me, it’s one of those dishes you have on a special occasion. And perhaps, what better place to have it than at Tung Lok, which serves Peking Duck three different ways and with quite a bit of fanfare as well!

So the chef goes around chopping up the duck in front of the tables and every time he gets a fresh duck, he hits the gong before making his rounds. Our table was situated very close to the gong, and we had so many raised false hopes every time we heard the gong – only to have the chef roll his cart pass us. It was maybe only on the 4th gong that finally (!) the chef started carving in front of us.

Peking Duck skin – recommended to be eaten with blueberry sauce and sugar pops (those that set up a mini crackling explosion in your mouth)

Peking Duck thigh and breast meat – this is where you’re supposed to eat in a traditional way by wrapping it up in the soft skin with cucumbers, onions, and Peking duck sauce. An alternative is also offered where you can choose to dip your duck meat into mustard instead.

While not pictured, we were also served the leftover bits of the duck – the bones etc to chew on towards the end of the meal. I must say that I really enjoyed the Peking Duck. It was really tender and succulent. The duck skin with blueberry sauce and sugar pops was an interesting novelty – some liked it, others were ambivalent about it.

It being Chinese New Year season, we also ordered a yu sheng platter. Yay for good luck and prosperity in the year of the monkey!

Of course, there is no way N could leave Singapore without having a last taste of Chili Crab. Tung Lok does a pretty good rendition of it… I really enjoyed it!

Of course, with ladies, no meals would be complete without some vegetables. Spinach with three types of egg is a really popular Chinese vegetable dish – most restaurants would have it on their menus.

Overall, this was a really good meal. For six of us, the bill (food including a bottle of wine) came up to nearly five hundred dollars. Service was pretty friendly and efficient most of the time.

Add: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #07-07/09

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