Not going to lie, work has been tough. However, one of the perks of work is when the firm organizes a department dinner and you get to try a restaurant that has been on your watch list for a while. I was quite curious as to what the food at Ember would be like. Most people who’ve been there have raved about their modern European food, especially the value for money lunch sets. 

We had a four course dinner with a wine pairing:

First course: Salmon served in a cream broth and caviar. Nice start to the meal. Flavours were light and refreshing.

Second course: pan seared foie gras, slow cooked egg, unagi and truffle sauce. This is one of Ember’s signature dishes and most people at the table agreed that this was one of their favourite dishes of the night. Every component was cooked perfectly and came together nicely.

Third course: beef with potatoes, onion and beef jus.

Granita of pineapple, lime and coconut sorbet. Loved the tropical flavours of this palette cleanser.

Fourth course: chocolate brownie, chocolate crumble, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter parfait and fruit.

Overall, I thought the dinner was very well executed. The foie gras and the dessert were two of my favourite courses of the night. Can certainly see why Ember has consistently garnered good reviews. I think service was a bit slow at the beginning, we waited quite a while for the meal to start, however, it improved towards the end. So grateful for the opportunity to finally try their food!

Add: 50 Keong Saik Road

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