Nude Seafood

Nude Seafood has been opened for a while. I heard of it a couple of years ago as one of my dear friends, E, was asked to do some freelance design work for the restaurant before it opened. As such, we were encouraged to check the restaurant out, which all of them did, except for me since I could never find the opportunity.

As it turns out, Nude is located just opposite my office building. I really have no excuses now. Nude is also one of those few places which is opened for dinner. As such, when R asked to meet up, I suggested checking that place out:


As its name suggests, the place is known for its seafood. A quick glance at the menu also suggested that there was some healthy branding going on too. It’s not every day that one sees quinoa on the menu, especially it is now of those popular foods among the health focused eaters. We tried the following:

Chilean Bass ($23) – roasted with two miso pastes, served with quinoa, soft-poached egg, seawees and pickles. At first glance, the bass looked a little burnt (especially when plated on a black plate). A very interesting combination, but perhaps a bit too healthy for my liking.

Barramundi ($21) – roasted with brown butter, paired with risoni, pesto, pumpkin and vine tomatoes. The colour of the dish was definitely better. From the green pesto, to the red tomatoes, it really helped to make the dish look very appetizing when it was served. I enjoyed this dish very much and preferred this to the sea bass.

Have been back a couple of times since and tried the following dishes: Salmon with brown rice and cucumbers ($17)

Grilled King Prawns ($23) with barley risotto, pickled starfruit, garlic scrapes and crispy seaweed.

The good news is that Nude is at a very convenient location for me to go back again. The menu is pretty short, so don’t go unless you’re ready to eat seafood in general. There are interesting combinations being offered, though as a matter of personal taste I preferred the barramundi/king prawns to the sea bass/salmon. The dishes are a little more on the healthy side, after all, very few places would serve brown rice and quinoa on their plates. Nonetheless I’m sure that Nude continues to appeal to a very health conscious working population and would serve as healthy competition among all the other salad stores in the area.

Add: 12 Marina Boulevard #01-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower

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