Terra by Seita

I was a little confused when I first arrived at Terra. Lights were on, but there was a huge “sorry we are closed” up front. Upon confirmation that the restaurant was indeed open, I thought that it would be good to inform the restaurant about that faux pas. However, the responses I received were pretty weird and that put me off a little. The manager explained that they were still in soft launch mode and were only accepting customers who had made a booking and no walk ins… BUT STILL!

There are two types of menus at Terra – the omakase ($128++, $168++, $208++) and the degustation menu ($95++). We decided to go for the $128++ omakase.

We started with some fresh bread served with porcini mushroom butter. The bread was good but the butter was the highlight. We actually requested for more bread just so we could finish up the butter.

Amuse bouche – Japanese mackerel with eggplant. The mackerel tasted really fresh and clean. It was a great way to start the meal.

For our starter, we had two (fat) Hokkaido scallops served with asparagus, 5 types of Japanese mushrooms, and a garlic gratin. The scallops were excellent and I really enjoyed them. Great pairing with the tomato sauce and mushrooms. This was my favourite dish of the night.

Our next course was a pasta course, served with sea urchin and a hint of yuzu. I thought the addition of yuzu was a very nice touch and complimented the sea urchin and pasta really well. An interesting Japan-Italian fusion dish which I really appreciated and enjoyed very much.

Next up we were served some Kyushu sea bass with peppers and the restaurant’s secret balsamic sauce. The sea bass was cooked really well with a nice crispy skin.

Our final main course was Kagoshima wagyu served with Hokkaido potato and black truffle. Another well executed dish. We all enjoyed this very much.

To round off the courses, the restaurant baked a birthday cake for yours truly.

Overall, we really appreciated the skill and finesse of the chef. All the components were executed well and we did not find fault with any of the dishes. Then next, we considered whether we would come back again. While we enjoyed the dishes, we didn’t feel that the menu (and for the price we paid) really stood out and was something that we would come back again for.

I guess here’s the thing. It is absolutely the restaurant’s prerogative to charge however much they want to for their menu. However, if you’re going to make the average meal cost at least $150 per person (excluding drinks), I feel that there has to be some “wow” factor on top of good solid food and I didn’t really get this here.

Add:  54 Tras Street

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