Curry Garden

Now that I have a few days of vacation before I officially go back to work, M called me to ask if I was interested in knitting. After my initial session, I confess that I did not develop a liking for it (as M may have hoped) but it did give me the opportunity to have Indian food at a new place (for me at least).


The first page that greets you on Curry Garden’s menu is a Straits Times review article that was printed in 2007. I read it with some interest and made some comparisons with the reviewer’s impressions vis a vis the food I ordered.

Briyani Chicken Set ($6.50) – The ST reviewer had written that her Briyani set cost $4 and she received a whole chicken thigh and a choice of vegetables. “It’s no longer $4” I remarked to which M promptly pointed out that the article was printed in 2007 and this was 2015. Inflation hello! Ok, fine point taken…. but does the byline – cheap and good still stand then? I was also rather perturbed to note that I didn’t get a whole chicken thigh, but just two pieces of chicken which left me still wanting more protein….. However, having said that, I would agree with the reviewer that the curry was very very tasty and I really enjoyed the briyani. Flavours are definitely there. Shame about the small chicken portion though.

M had the poori chicken set. Poori is puffed bread made of wheat flour. We were told by the waiter that between poori and batura, poori is the healthier option (like we would know any better).

Overall, I would say that Curry Garden definitely serves some delicious Indian cuisine. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to agree with the ST article that Curry Garden proudly displays, that it is cheap. If anything, it is a reflection of how inflation has really made food so much more expensive in Singapore. All of us ordered a drink to go with our set meals and the bill came up to approx $9 per person.

Add: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #01-06

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