Lady M Confections

When I peeked into the Orchard Central branch of Lady M, I could picture it: Four SATC-ish ladies sitting at a white table by the windows, each sipping tea, with a perfect slice of cake and laughing at the latest gossip at 4pm in the afternoon. Yes, Lady M invokes that kind of image. 

We tried to get in and be part of the splendid cafe, but Lady M is popular and we were relegated to one of the lone bar tables located outside the restaurant. Sigh.

Regardless, I was here for some sweet delights and B had pointed out that the restaurant was well known for its cake – so not just the latest fad.

According to its site, Lady M is famous for being the pioneer of the well-loved Mille Crêpe cake, which features no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden

Being my first time, we had the following to share:

Signature Mille Crepes ($9) – 20 Paper thin handmade crepes stacked with layers of light pastry cream

Gâteau aux Marrons ($8.50) – Almond flour cake topped with chestnut cream

Checkers ($8.50) – Checkered chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream and chocolate ganache.

Thoughts: The signature Mille Crepe cake does live up to the hype. It was really light and the pastry cream tasted really fresh and soft. My favourite was the Gâteau aux Marrons since I really like chestnut (reminds me a lot of a Hungarian dessert gesztenyepüré which I enjoyed very much during my stay in Budapest). Checkers was the least impressive for me, which was a big disappointment since I chose that slice!

Overall, I really enjoyed the cakes. Wouldn’t mind coming back here to try the other variations of the mille crepe cake. On the down side, being seated outside really hampered the service we received. We were pretty much left alone and the bill took ages to come. Bummer…


Add: 181 Orchard Road, #01-27/#02-27 Orchard Central

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