To kick off the start of Christmas celebrations this year, J decided to organize a dinner at Delicacy, a recently opened restaurant on Gemmill Lane, just off Club Street.

The restaurant space is small, but cozy. Service was friendly and efficient. For $75, we were treated to a degustation menu which allowed us a peek into what the restaurant offers. The restaurant seems to be the result of a Singaporean – Spanish partnership, the chef hails from Spain with experiences from Bomba on his resume.

We started with some appetizers: padron peppers, olives, walnut croqueta, ham croqueta and iberico ham with bread and tomato spread.

I thought that walnut croqueta was very interesting and was one of my favourites. The peppers were well seasoned and so were the marinated olives.IMG_7226

Compliments of the chef: deep fried potatoes in a bravas sauce

For our main, we had a choice of either the mini wagyu sliders or the grilled squid. As it turns out, surprisingly, the grilled squid turned out to be the better main of the night. It was executed well and was very tasty. Unfortunately, our wagyu burgers turned out a little on the dry side. Many of us did not touch the bread, not because we were afraid of carbs, but because it was too dry and rather bland. The patties were cooked to well-done, which made them a little dry as well.

Dessert consisted of a strawberry rice pudding, churros and creme catalana.I really enjoyed the churros and creme catalana. I’m not really a fan of rice pudding so I was not able to appreciate it entirely, but A was a really big fan of it.
FullSizeRender (2)

We liked the entire meal so much and was also drinking so much (Delicacy offered us free corkage for every one bottle of wine we bought from them) that we ordered an additional cheese platter to end the meal. Really great presentation. The kitchen kindly chose for us an array of cheeses and even gave us advice on which cheeses to start with and end.

Delicacy is the kind of place where you can gather with your friends, chill for an entire night and the restaurant seems absolutely fine with that. We were the probably the first evening guests to arrive, but the last to leave. Throughout our stay, the restaurant seemed content to let us linger, though never letting down on service (glasses got refilled continuously). J also fondly recalls the her previous experience here where the restaurant let her stay till 3am and even let her takeaway her wine since she could not finish her opened bottle.

Prices are also very reasonable, especially for this part of town and I hope that they continue to stay the same. For the most part, the food was delicious and well executed. Certainly, I would see myself coming back again, with new/old friends and more bottles of wine.

Add: 10 Gemmill Lane, Singapore

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