Tokyo: Kimukatsu

This is the tenth and final post of my eating adventures to Tokyo. All other posts can be found here

What are the odds that I would get to meet my classmate while in Tokyo? As it turns out, the odds were very high indeed. L and I realized that we were both going to be in Tokyo at the same time and hence we agreed to meet up for lunch. 

L suggested that we meet at Kimumatsu. Kimukatsu is known for its layered tonkatsu. Some call it a pork mille-feuille.

L had eaten at Kimumatsu many years ago and had really good impressions of it. While you can get the original layered pork cutlet, it is more exciting to try the other variations such as green onion, yuzu pepper, cheese. Since there were four of us, we had original, green onion, yuzu pepper and the cheese version. As with most Tonkatsu places, cabbage is free flow.
Tokyo 201512

While I did not get same fatty goodness that I had while at Butagumi, there are a couple of explanations for this. First, the cut: we were served a tenderloin cut, which was leaner and with little to no fats on it. Second, at Butagumi, it was clear that I had opted for a premium grade of pork, while Kimukatsu, we did not do so. This was clearly reflected in the price. A tonkatsu set at Kimukatsu did not cost more than 2000 yen.

However, the price difference did not mean that in any way was Kimukatsu inferior. The standard pork tonkatsu is still very delicious. Out of the 4 types that we ordered, I enjoyed all 4. All were tasty and the pork was very tender. If I had to choose, my favourite was probably the yuzu pepper, followed by the green onion. While here, we saw many locals around, which showed how popular the restaurant is. Certainly wouldn’t mind visiting this place again the next time I’m in Tokyo.

Add (Ebisu Branch):  4 Chome-9-5 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0013, Japan

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