Tokyo: Butagumi

This is the fifth post on my eating adventures to Tokyo. All other posts can be found here

Originally, I had planned to visit Maisen for my tonkatsu fix in Tokyo. I had planned to get there once it opened (11am), which would minimize any wait time and make it easier for me to navigate any language barriers.

However, the night before, after reading a few more reviews, I changed my mind. Not that my impressions of Maisen had changed, but I decided to try a restaurant equally as good, but nearer to my hotel.

Butagumi opens for lunch at 11.30am. I arrived close to 12pm, after a nice walk through the Nishi Asabu neighbourhood and was pleasantly surprised to find the place still relatively empty. A cheerful waitress led me upstairs to the second floor (I was seated by the wooden balcony) and happily gave me some recommendations.

Quick note: Go for the sirloin to make sure you get a fatty, juicy cut. Deluxe sirloin if you want fatter and a juicier cut.

I took up the waitress’s recommendation and went for the kagoshima junsui kuro buta (3000 yen) – sirloin cut, including some sake to go along with it.


Didn’t have to wait long for the tonkatsu to come. The cheery waitress recommended eating the pork with a pinch of salt, followed some mustard and the house sauce. After following her instructions, I was floored. The pork meat was super juicy and rich. Every bite was simply a gastronomical pleasure.

I took so many pictures of the pork, trying to showcase the huge sliver of fats that contributed so much to the flavour of the dish. So well worth every yen.

If you’re worried about burning off the fats after this hugely decadent lunch, no worries. After this wonderful meal, I took a walk to the Aoyama Cemetery which led me over to the Gaien Mae/Omotesando area. Perfect for a post-lunch walk.

Add:  2-24-9 Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan

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