Tokyo: Ramen ya Fuujin

We came across this restaurant our first night in Tokyo. We had just landed and arrived hungry at 11pm to the hotel (located at Shinagawa). Luckily, the concierge was able to advise us that Fuujin ramen was open till 12 midnight and we were quickly headed down for a quick bite. 

Interestingly, Fuujin ramen has a 3.38 review score on Tabelog (the Japanese online food review site), which is heavily revered by many locals. A 3.38 score is pretty high. Generally, anything above 3.5 is considered very good. Even though we arrived at around 11.30pm, there were still people waiting outside – pretty amazing, considering how late it was.

We waited for about ten minutes before we were able to get a seat. The good thing about Tokyo is that the locals just eat and leave. There is rarely any lingering around and hence, the turnover of seats is pretty fast. With my limited Japanese memory, I was able to identify that various types of ramen that was being offered. We got ourselves a bowl of shio (salt) ramen and shoyu (soya sauce ramen). Of course, we had had some beer to go along with it.

It was really only in Tokyo that I realized that difference between shio and shoyu ramen, since most ramen in Singapore is based on a tonkotsu/miso broth. Shio is a salt flavoured ramen which has quite a light flavour, like the one below.

On the other hand, Shoyu ramen is a soy sauce flavoured ramen, which is quite common in the Tokyo region

The ramen was really good. The noodles had a good bite to them and the broth was really good. Personally, as I am very used to strong flavours, the shoyu ramen had an edge over the shio ramen.

I would classify Fuushin ramen as a hidden find. While not as popular/well known among tourists as perhaps Rokurinsha or Tsuta, it serves up a very good bowl of ramen and prices are extremely reasonable. We paid 620 yen for a normal bowl of ramen and 720 yen for a bowl of shio ramen.

Add: 4-10-25 Takanawa Minato Tokyo

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