I’ve always been fascinated by Lollapalooza, the sister restaurant of Lolla. I’m a fan favourite of Lolla (their sea urchin remains one their stand out dishes for me). For years, I’ve been meaning to try this place. Unfortunately, my friends had already taken that step before me and did not come away with good impressions. Hence, it was difficult to convince any of them to come back with me so that I could check the place out myself. 

I finally got an opportunity when I convinced J that we should not form any opinions till we had a chance to try the place ourselves! Thankfully she agreed and a reservation was made.


Keong Saik is really fast becoming the next hip place for dinner and drinks. From Neon Pigeon to the Library, there is certainly no lack of restaurants to choose from.

Stepping into Lollapalooza, I really liked the sleek minimalist decor. We got a table in a quiet corner but which allowed us an opportunity to watch the kitchen in action too. Despite it being a Friday night, the restaurant filled up rather slowly, it was only till late evening (8 plus) where the restaurant really started buzzing with activity. The menu at Lollapalooza consists of a whole list of sharing plates. However, the portions are rather big and the plates could serve as an individual main as well. We had the following to share, along with a bottle of rose…

We started up with a parma ham/burrata salad with tomatoes and wild honeycomb ($38) I thought the wild honeycomb was a nice touch with the burrata and I enjoyed that combination very much.

A pasta dish: Orecchiette with Italian autumn truffles in cauliflower puree ($45) – I was expecting a smaller dish, so was pretty surprised to see the huge serving. It was almost like a main! Kudos to the kitchen for being very generous with the truffles. J actually noted that this was a very popular dish for the tables surrounding us as well, though it seems that many of the guests had trouble finishing it too!

Crispy duck leg confit ($24) – this was executed well, though there is nothing much I can say about this dish beyond that. I don’t feel like there were any attempts by the kitchen to elevate this dish at all. If anything, it’s just them telling us that  ‘yes… I know how to serve you a crispy duck leg confit’. Ok… we got it.

Cedarwood roasted barramundi fillet ($33)  – Really enjoyed this dish. The fish was well cooked and very aromatic. The accompanying salsa was also very nice.

We had 4 dishes between the two of us and already, we struggled to finish everything, which goes towards how big their portions are. J and I agreed that we were really enjoyed the food here. However, I really recommend coming with a bigger group just so that you can try more dishes. Judging from the vibe of the restaurant, this is the perfect place for a girls night out.

Add: 1A Keong Saik Rd

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