Salt, the iconic restaurant perched on top of ION shopping centre in Orchard, is well known for its steaks and fine dining ambiance. However, it also offers afternoon tea sets which seems to be quite the range in Singapore recently. It makes sense. After all, the distance between lunch and dinner can sometimes be too long.  Continue reading

The Horse’s Mouth 2.0

It is not my first time to the Horse’s Mouth. However, the last time I was there, it was for drinks purely. Despite that, I went away with really good impressions of the place – a nice intimate area to have good drinks and catch up with friends. A few weeks back, after a really bad day in school, J told me I needed a drink and as the good friend she was, informed me that I was coming out Friday evening.  Continue reading

Choya Cooking Studio

Couple months back, I  got to attend another media tasting with Glitterflyed of Travel Shoot and Share. This time, it was a cooking session centered around the use of Choya, a Japanese plum wine. Prior to this session, I had neither tried Choya nor had I known that it was possible to incorporate it in many cooking recipes. Hence, it was quite fun to see the versatility of the drink in this cooking workshop. Continue reading

Ah Koong Restaurant

A new food court has reopened on the street opposite school and B came into class one day raving about the new yong tau foo stall and how we all simply had to try it. So the food blogger in me was pretty intrigued and I did. After a bit of research, I realized that the yong tau fu stall has it origins from Johor Bahru, Malaysia where its flagship restaurant is located.  Continue reading

Market Grill

A few months earlier, I had written about my visit to Meat Smith, the sister restaurant of Market Grill. Though Market Grill has been around for much longer, I have yet to visit the place till now. My first impressions of the place when I walked in was that the concept seemed very similar to Meat Smith. The menu also focused heavily on grilled meats, though Market Grill does offer a seafood section (notably lobster) that stands out. The emphasis here seems to be on the different cuts of the cow and the vibe seems a little more relaxed than Meat Smith (just a little). Continue reading

Blue Ginger

While I was in Switzerland, I got a message from a dear friend whom I had not seen in years. After one false attempt in coming to Singapore, he was finally coming to Singapore and as luck would have it, I would be back in time to meet up for dinner. Knowing that he was really keen to have some local food, I suggested dinner at Blue Ginger, a Nonya restaurant which was also located near his hotel. Continue reading

Zurich: Restaurant Die Waid

For a really busy city, Zurich does not have many high rise buildings that give you a really good overview of the city. One option is to head to Prime Tower, where I had a drink at their roof top bar during my first night in Zurich. Another, is to head to Restaurant Die Waid which is located higher up in the hills and gives quite the stunning overview over the city, especially at sunset. Continue reading