Dazzling Cafe

A long overdue catch up with Y and M. After several false starts, we finally got to meet for lunch just before class. Y suggesting heading to Dazzling Cafe which is actually located really near school and since I hadn’t been there before, I was totally game.Dazzling cafe

Dazzling cafe is well known for its huge toast ice cream desserts. Apparently, when it first opened, it was so popular that people were queuing up from 8am in the morning when the cafe only opened from noon onward. It seems though, that the hype has died down. When we went there for lunch, it was relatively quiet, rather easy to get a table.

Of course, no visit is complete without trying their toast desserts. There are several flavours, but we were persuaded to try their chocolate strawberry toast with vanilla ice cream which happens to be one of their bestsellers. Seriously, how wrong can you go with chocolate? The highlight of this dish really is the toast. Fried crispy toast cubes paired with creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, it was really decadent and tasty. I can really understand why girls line up for this stuff. A word for caution, this is meant to be shared.. the portion is really big.
Dazzling cafe2

The cafe also offers a small but decent lunch menu complete with an assortment of coffees and teas. We tried some of their fruit teas which were very nice
Dazzling cafe1

No truffle fries, unfortunately for Y. However, they serve mentaiko fries, which is basically an Asian/Japanese take on the fries. These weren’t too bad, though not something which I was particularly wow-ed by.

Sauteed mushrooms and slow cooked egg

I got to try their scallop and crab meat aglio olio. I thought the flavours were pretty good and the spaghetti wasn’t too oily.

I didn’t get the impression that the food menu at Dazzling Cafe was anything to rave about. The one and only highlight is really their dessert toasts. The decor was very pretty and the staff were all very helpful and friendly. I would really recommend coming back for their desserts, but you won’t be missing out much if you decide to have your main meal somewhere else first.

Add: 15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza

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