Club Meatballs

An obsession with chalking up points won me an eating voucher at Club Meatballs. It’s an interesting concept, offering a menu based around meatballs, and not just the beef kind. The restaurant serves meatballs made from beef, pork, chicken, salmon and even vegetarian meatballs. Was able to have meals there on two separate occasions since they didn’t accept my voucher the first time round (it being a public holiday). Hence, we got a try a variety of dishes from the menu.


The restaurant is located right in the heart of the CBD in Raffles Place. The haze has been hitting Singapore pretty badly these few weeks, but luckily it cleared up slightly when we went down since the restaurant employs an open concept design and sitting outside was not really a viable option in bad haze conditions.

We got to try the following dishes from their brunch menu, which takes its inspiration from Spanish cuisine.

Huevos con Chorizo – free range eggs in a pan, fried with iberico chorizo on toast ($17)

Squashed balls benedict – choice of pork or salmon balls, poached eggs and hollandise ($16) Interesting take on eggs benedict, which was pretty interesting – substituting the bread for the meatballs. I like!

Catalan breakfast – pork and fennel sausage, stewed cannellini beans (substituted with grilled potatoes because they ran out) and grilled tomatoes ($18). Not really a meatball, but they do know how to season their meats pretty well.

For the lunch menu, they offer the following sandwich/salad options:

Pimp my salad – I chose the wagyu & rosemary balls ($5); spinach greens ($2); sauteed mushrooms ($2.5); smashed avocado ($3); classic tomato sauce. I once commented to a friend that salads in the CBD are a good business concept. After all, they start from $10 and above. The salad option is pretty substantial, it pretty much filled me up for the entire afternoon, but I personally like my salads with more variety and it is not something that I would see myself ordering often. However, I would note, that the wagyu meatballs were very tasty and certainly the highlight of my salad dish.

The Italian ($9.50) – pork & fennel balls, oregano infused tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula – served in a wrap. $1 extra if you want it served on a ciabatta roll instead. Very tasty and very messy to eat with.

The Norwegian ($9.5) – Salmon balls, coriander, dill, apple, arugula, beetroot

If meatballs is your thing, this is certainly the place to try. The food is tasty and we did not dislike any of the dishes that we had. While eating here, we noticed that many people loved to pop by here for drinks and the menu did hint at an extensive range of mixes and cocktails. They even had some interested teas (Eg. myrtle tea). Service can be a bit slow at times, we waited quite a while for our foods and for the bill to be settled. However, worth trying at least once.

Add: 20 Cross St, 01-35, China Square Central

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