Meng’s Kitchen

Comfort food.

What it is? Typically, it is not something one finds in an expensive restaurant. It is usually a very simple dish. Too simple in fact. It would be hard to explain what is so great about this dish at time, but it a dish which we draw comfort from and a dish we turn to when we may be feeling down or just need some cheering up. For me, this feeling was prevalent many a time when I living overseas, longing for home, longing for some humidity, longing for some spice in my western foods. The dish that I really craved each time I came home was bak chor mee, or pork mince mushroom noodles.

I always think the secrets of this dish lie in the stewed mushrooms and the vinegar which is used to cook the noodles in. There are many stalls in Singapore that sell bak chor mee. I have my favourites but sometimes if I’m pressed for time and too lazy to travel further into town for the really good ones, there is this one place near my house on upper Thomson road that sells a good rendition of bak chor mee – Meng’s kitchen.

Don’t be fooled by the small interior. It is actually really popular and during meal times, you may be hard pressed to find table. The place even has a sign warning you that during peak period, the wait can go up to 20 minutes since the place is just so popular.

As alluded to, my default dish is usually bak chor mee and having eaten there countless times, the dish never fails to disappoint.

Although the place sells a good rendition of bak chor mee,  it also serves a variety of dishes like laksa, teochew dumpling noodles, fishball noodles, chicken chop noodles, so really… no shortage of choice here.

Below: Teochew dumpling noodles
FullSizeRender (5)

Add: 246B Upper Thomson Road

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