Ah Koong Restaurant

A new food court has reopened on the street opposite school and B came into class one day raving about the new yong tau foo stall and how we all simply had to try it. So the food blogger in me was pretty intrigued and I did. After a bit of research, I realized that the yong tau fu stall has it origins from Johor Bahru, Malaysia where its flagship restaurant is located. 


Yong tau fu is a very simple hawker style dish where you usually pick from an array of various fish cakes, vegetables, tofu etc. It is eaten with rice or boiled noodles and you season it yourself with sweet bean sauce and/or chilli.

Ah Koong’s version (Malaysian) is a little different. Instead of simple boiled noodles, the noodles are cooked as if one were eating fishball noodles or minced pork mushroom noodles (bak chor mee). Sweet sauces are not offered, only cut chilli

A typical yong tau foo meal from Ah Koong would look like (below):

They even have a laksa version if you so wish. It is pretty spicy!

However, Ah Koong’s specialties really lie in their home made ngoh hiang (liver roll), prawn cakes and fish cakes. For $9, you get to try all 3 types. On its own, each piece would cost $3.60. On a couple of occasions, I was able to try their prawn cake and ngoh hiang. It was served with a sweet chilli sauce.

The verdict: I thought that specialties were all very good and definitely something I would not mind having again. Service is as efficient as it can be, since everything is prepared on the spot. The good news is that students get a discount, which is an additional incentive to come back.

Add: Manulife Centre, 51 Bras Basah Road

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