Market Grill

A few months earlier, I had written about my visit to Meat Smith, the sister restaurant of Market Grill. Though Market Grill has been around for much longer, I have yet to visit the place till now. My first impressions of the place when I walked in was that the concept seemed very similar to Meat Smith. The menu also focused heavily on grilled meats, though Market Grill does offer a seafood section (notably lobster) that stands out. The emphasis here seems to be on the different cuts of the cow and the vibe seems a little more relaxed than Meat Smith (just a little).


IMG_6514 (2)

The evening I visited, the kitchen had run out of a lot of items. No burgers and some mains. When I queried on this, the manager just informed me that they had sold out at lunch. Period. While it does suggest that the restaurant enjoys a healthy dose of customers and there must be something good going on here, it was a little disappointing to hear that quite a bit of the menu was not available. This was on a Friday night.

We started off with a charcuterie board

J, being a bone marrow fan, had to order a plate for herself… The marrow was served with the bone, which was really great for the visual aspect of the dish. However, as they did not split the bone into half, it took a bit more effort to get the marrow out using our available forks and knives.

Their lobster roll looked really appetizing, so we got one to share. It turned out to be a good choice and one of my favourite dishes of the night. It was a very generous portion of lobster served with a crisp light bread. The lobster tasted very fresh and was well seasoned.

From the grill, we had the wagyu rump which was served separately with the sauce. We thought that it was grilled very well (we asked for it to be medium) and enjoyed it very much

At the end of the meal, J asked me what was the difference between this place and Meat Smith. It took  me a while to answer. The decor for both places look really similar and at first glance, so does their menu, especially the meat selection. However, the lobster dish was one of the highlights for me and that was probably the dish which I remember Market Grill for. I’m just not so sure if there would be any difference if I went to Market Grill or Meat Smith for steak or pork chops. The good thing is that they are situated opposite one another. So if one was crowded, the other alternative would be just opposite the street.

Add: 208 Telok Ayer St

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