Zurich: Restaurant Die Waid

For a really busy city, Zurich does not have many high rise buildings that give you a really good overview of the city. One option is to head to Prime Tower, where I had a drink at their roof top bar during my first night in Zurich. Another, is to head to Restaurant Die Waid which is located higher up in the hills and gives quite the stunning overview over the city, especially at sunset.


The restaurant itself serves Swiss and Asian inspired fare in a “wok” style. I was slightly amused at their incorporation of the word ‘wok’ into their menu. After,the wok is an Asian invention and it is always interesting when a European restaurant uses it as part of their dining concept.

If you’re not too hungry (like Iz was), the menu offers a variety of small starters like the smoked salmon below…

I chose a veal, pasta and cream wok concoction for my main. Veal is quite a common protein in Switzerland (unlike in Singapore). I really liked the flavours of this dish. Despite the cream, it wasn’t very heavy and I was able to finish up the dish.

As it was only the two of us and it had been a long day, we didn’t really order a lot. Having said that, the two dishes that we had tasted really nice. The restaurant looked very popular, we were very lucky to get a table. It seemed that many came primarily for the view and evening drinks!

Lastly, the view we had overlooking the city in the sunset – isn’t that gorgeous?

Add: Waidbadstrasse 45, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland

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