Zurich: Confiserie Café Sprüngli

When I was in Bern, I chanced upon this mini museum that showcased a series of items that were all created or had their origins in Switzerland. For example, aluminium foil was created in Switzerland! So, one of the listed Swiss original creations was the Luxemburgerlis. On first sight, it looks like a macaron. Hence, my first reaction was a “No way!”

Honestly, when I started asking around, even the locals, many didn’t know why it is considered a Swiss original and different from the French macaron. I tried to research as much as I could on this. Some have said that Luxemburgerlis are smaller and smoother. A website has even stated that the difference is in the filling. Luxemburgerlis have a cream filling, while French macarons can have different fillings (eg. caramel, jelly, ganache).

Well, for me, the verdict is still out there. I find the differences very technical and very refined. I confess that for the normal customer (like me) where a sweet is just a sweet, Luxembergerlis are very similar to macarons. Nevertheless, if one is into the fine detail, one can go hunting for Luxembergerlis at Cafe Sprungli in Zurich.
I visited this place my first day in Zurich, after having rested and freshened up from the long plane right (and a little drama). I spent quite a bit of time walking around the shop and just peering at all the different types of confectionary
IMG_3699 IMG_3700

The shop on Paradeplatz also has a cafe which sells pastries and other savoury items. They also sell Luxembergerlis but the waitress actually advised me to get it in the shop since they sold by weight, in comparison to the cafe which sold Luxembergerlis individually. Good to note! I had a couple of items including a really refreshing summer tea. Really enjoyed all of them.
Switzerland 20155

As advised by the waitress, I picked a few Luxembergerlis to take home and try. They’re quite delicate, so they ended up a bit squashed in my bag by the time I returned back to the apartment. Nevertheless, they still tasted great. I tried the champagne, caramel, passionfruit and lemon flavours. My favourite was the passionfruit, which is a summer special.
Switzerland 20156

Add: Café & Restaurant on Paradeplatz, 1. Floor, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zurich

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