Hamburg: Zum Alten Lotsenhaus

On my last night in Hamburg, J and I walked to this restaurant near her house to have another of Hamburg’s local specialties: sole with north sea shrimps. It was a beautiful evening, it had been a cloudless day and it was still pretty warm even though the sun was setting. The restaurant is located pretty near the ferry station Neumühlen which connected residents of the area all the way to Landungsbrücken Brücke 3 in the city.

IMG_4304 IMG_4307

It was really crowded when we arrived. Again, it seems to be a really popular spot among the locals. The preamble in the menu explains the history of the restaurant:

“In 1745, the Pilot’s Brotherhood was founded in this old half-timbered house. The job of the pilots was, at that time like today, to guide the incoming and outgoing ships on the Elbe River. 

At that time, the Pilot’s Brotherhood undertook the task of supporting the widows and orphans of the Elbe Pilots who had passed away. In the beginning, it was just a clubhouse, but over time it developed into a popular meeting place. In 1801, it became a public restaurant, and today is still one of the oldest restaurants in Hamburg”

Pretty cool huh?

The restaurant offered two dinner set menus which J and I decided to have that night (so to have more variety).

First up: soups (appetizers)

Bouillabaisse with fillets of game fish

Potato cream soup with fine herbs and shrimps

For our mains, no surprise – we each had sole fish. I had mine with bacon, while J had hers with the north sea shrimps. Both were served with potato salad on the side. I really enjoyed the sole, it was fresh and cooked very well. The serving was also very big! Had quite a bit of difficulty finishing my dish. And to think they also give you a huge serving of potato salad as well!
IMG_4315 IMG_4316

Dessert: Creme Brulee with vanilla bourbon and Hamburger red berry (house recipe) with vanilla ice cream. The creme brulee was amazing! Really liked the hint of vanilla bourbon that came with it.

Had a really great time at this restaurant. I thought the food was cooked really well and the service was great. The waitress was very friendly and accommodating even when we requested to swap some of the mains in the dinner set. I can see why J comes here ALOT!

Add: Övelgönne 13, 22605 Hamburg, Germany

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