And now we’re on to Hamburg! So I didn’t spend my entire two weeks in Europe in Switzerland (though I would not have minded so much). I made plans to visit a friend in Hamburg (which is only a short plane ride away). It was my first time to the city and I really enjoyed myself ALOT. Hamburg has a nice mix of old and new and despite the grey weather, it is quite an exciting city to be in. 


So while I was planning my mini culinary adventures, I decide to try out the Michelin cuisine in Hamburg and settled on Se7en Oceans since it was pretty accessible (right in the middle of the city), unlike most of the other restaurants which were best reached by a car.

So Se7en Oceans is located in the shopping centre, Europa Passage on the third floor. It overlooks the lake and is known for its international seafood cuisine. There is the option to eat at the bistro which offers mainly bar foods and a lunch menu. However, I chose to eat at the more (formal) restaurant. I requested for a window seat overlooking the lake and got it!

I was deciding between the business lunch or the 6 course chef menu. However, since taking chef menu would mean sitting down for almost 2 hrs 30 mins, I opted for the 4 course business lunch instead since I only had about 2 hours for lunch before my walking tour started.

Amuse bouche – Cucumber mint soup, avocado and tomato in a cone and peanut sponge

Complimentary dish from the kitchen – chilled soup with saffron, orange and summer vegetables. This was very tasty and I thought the arrangement of the vegetables was very pretty.

Bread bread bread! Served with herb butter. One of the highlights of eating in Europe is the different types of bread that you can get. Definitely nothing like this in Singapore…

First course of the business lunch:black feather chicken ravioli with mushrooms and truffle. The black feather chicken is from France. I really enjoyed this first course. They were quite generous with the truffle and the cream sauce for the ravioli was amazing.

Second course: sea bass with cauliflower.The sea bass and the sauce arrived separately and the waiter pours the sauce in front of you, leaving the rest on the side. Again, the presentation of the dish was very pretty. Sea bass was cooked perfectly.

Third course – veal with artichoke, tomato and potato. I found the sauce to be a bit too acidic for my taste and as such, it was quite hard for me to finish the protein. On the other hand, I enjoyed the tomatoes so much I had to ask the kitchen how they were done and the chef actually came out to talk to me!

Fourth course: poached pear with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. Simply sublime.
Switzerland 20153

At this point, I was really stuffed and thought this was the end. I was wrong…. there was still some mignardises to finish up the meal. Could I? Yes I totally had space for these….

I visited Se7en Oceans during a weekday and I pretty much was the only customer in the restaurant till about halfway through my meal when another couple walked in. Having said that, the service was really great. The waiter and restaurant manager were all very attentive and gave me a great dining experience. The 4 course business lunch was €60 which seemed quite value for money considering what I had to pay for a similar michelin experience in Zurich. Really enjoyed the food and thought this was a good start to my Hamburg trip!

Add: Europa Passage, Ballindamm 40, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

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