Zurich: Zeughauskeller

Zeughauskeller is a very well known Swiss beer hall among locals and tourists. It is so well-known that the restaurant is smart enough to have menus in several languages for its many visitors. I had the chance to eat here after my day trip to Bern with Iz. We were quite lucky because even though we were without reservations, we were able to get a table after about a 30 minute wait. 

Then again, my impression is that reservations are not that essential in Switzerland as they are in Singapore. For most places at least…

Inside was crowded and packed to the brim! The interior gives the feel of a medieval castle (ish), with its wooden beams, stone pillars and medieval weapons decorating the walls.

We got some of their draft beers to start. I got their house beer – Zeughauskeller (the middle one). It was described as an amber coloured beer, especially brewed for Zeughauskeller and traditionally fermented 5.2% Turbinenbrau Zurich. It was really nice!

Fischknusperli – basically it’s batter fried lake fish, a traditional Zurich staple (think fish nuggets)

What’s Switzerland without its sausages? Zeughauskeller has a full page of sausages from around the country for the discerning customer. After having tried the cervelat previously, I went for the Augustiner Schüblig which is a traditional smoked pork and beef sausage from eastern Europe. As with most dishes, it was served with homemade potato salad – so good….

Another Swiss sausage dish which unfortunately I forgot the name of…

If you’re looking for hearty Swiss food, Zeughauskeller is definitely the place to consider. A note about the service though… The waiter assigned to our table actually spilled a bottle of water on me while he was clearing my table. My bag and shorts were drenched. However, the waiter just muttered a quick apology and walked away. Didn’t get any extra napkins to clean up myself. Thank god it was just water, but the curt response was a little shocking!

Add: Bahnhofstrasse 28A, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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