Bern: Altes Tramdepot

A visit to Switzerland is not complete without a visit to its charming capital – Bern. Situated in the West of Switzerland, it is an hour journey from Zurich by train. It is also a popular commute for people working in Zurich (or vice versa) make the train journey between Bern and Zurich one of the busiest. 

In my opinion, next to Lucerne, Bern has one of the best old towns in Switzerland. While Lucerne has the chapel bridge, Bern is famous for its fountains and possibly the astronomical clock (which is quite similar to the one in Prague).

IMG_4066 IMG_4095

We walked down the old town to the old pits when Bern used keep their bears (which is a very popular tourist attraction). Unfortunately, the pits are now undergoing renovation and as the signs put it “the bears are on vacation”. Nevertheless, by the time we got there, it was time for lunch and as you would know it, there was a restaurant conveniently located next to the bear pits.

It’s called Altes Tramdepot simply because the building used to be the depot for trams before the number of trams was too much for the building to handle. Today it is a restaurant with its own beer brewery and the patio overlooks the city which makes a really nice place to have a meal at on a good day.

View overlooking Bern old town…

When a restaurant has its own brewery, you should definitely have their beers while you’re there. I must say that from my experiences in Basel and here, the Swiss do make quite nice beer!

I decided to try a Flammkuchen this time, which is bread dough usually rolled out very thin and covered with cheese or creme fraiche, onions and some cured meat. It finds its origins from the Alsace/South German region. I had mine with chicken, curry powder, peppers and pineapple. It looks really big but it was quite light and (believe it or not) I was actually able to finish the entire thing

The menu is very extensive and it also serves a good selection of burgers, salads and other Swiss specialties like rosti.

We had a very quick lunch here as we were rushing to get back to the old town for our parliament tour. As such, we didn’t really have the time to properly explore what the restaurant had to offer. However, I think that the restaurant is at a great location, and the experience of having locally brewed beer is definitely an incentive to come back again.

Add: Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern, Switzerland

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