Basel: Fischerstube

One of the things that I feel really lucky about my trip to Switzerland was the weather. When I first arrived, I had a planned my entire week, but I had to rearrange that after Iz told me that the weather forecast wasn’t looking good and to save the good days for the mountains and the not so good days for the cities. However, the entire week when I was in Switzerland, I had good weather throughout. The rain forecast kept being pushed further and further back. Everyday turned out to be warm and sunny for the most part. Some days were cloudy, but the rain that kept threatening to fall never came. The weekend when I went to Basel with Iz and P was not exception. 

Basel is a town known for its football team and its architecture. The colours of FC Basel are blue, red and black. Hence, I was amused to find that many of the town’s buildings were painted with the vibrant colours of red.
IMG_4131 IMG_4139

Another view of the city centre. Note how the Mcdonalds facade is green, which is meant to be in line with some positive environment stance (or something like that)

Being a tourist, I was really keen to try the local foods and it was suggested that I should have a pint of Basel’s locally brewed beer while in the city. I readily agreed. Fischerstube is one of the few local restaurants in the heart of Basel that brew its own beer – Ueli beer. It has been doing so for over 40 years (since 1974) and it seems to be a very popular spot among locals. The logo of the restaurant (a Joker) is pretty cute and very recognisable.

The brewery is located inside the restaurant and they even have tours that show you how the beer is made

They even have beer jugs/caskets that you can buy to bring beer home and bring back at a later date for further refills. If I lived in Switzerland, there is a strong possibility I would have gotten one for myself 🙂

The restaurant offers 5 main brews. I got the normal typical version (the one in the middle), while Iz had her beer mixed with a sweet drink. I found the mixed version to be a little too sweet for my liking though I really liked the Ueli bier on its own.

Besides beer, we also tried their beer ice cream which was really good! Could really taste the beer in it (so you know they weren’t stinging on it).

Fischerstube also offers a full dinner menu. However, we were only there that day for beers so did not get a chance to try what the kitchen has to offer. However, given that this is quite a unique place on its own, I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back here again for a proper meal, and of course, more beer.

Add: Rheingasse 45, 4058 Basel

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