Cafe Melba

The girls and I were at Goodman Arts Centre for a pottery session where we learned basic throwing – which is basically how to transform a lump of clay into a recognizable shape using the potter’s wheel. What started as a pretty intimidating session, for me at least, turned out to be really fun. 

As a result of our enthusiasm, in trying to shape something recognizable, we finished the session rather late in the afternoon. Rather than spend more time looking for a place outside the centre, we settled for lunch at Cafe Melba, which is located in the grounds of Goodman Arts Centre itself.

Cafe Melba seems to be a very popular spot among families. There is a huge bouncy castle set up next to the cafe and we saw many families and their children running around the area. Service tends to be a bit slow. Even though there were many empty tables when we arrived, it took a while for us to get the attention of the waiters and be seated proper.

First, it being such a hot day, we started off with some margaritas.

Next, we had the following as our mains:

Trio of pork ragout with linguine – this tasted like a western version of the Asian ‘Loh Mee’. The sauce was very good, one of those ‘fusion’ dishes which I wouldn’t mind having again.

Fish and chips

Melba burger (beef patty, relish, bacon, pineapple, tomato and cheese) – add $4 for truffles fries, which is basically fries with a splash of truffle oil. J said that this was very good and she enjoyed it.
Cafe Melba1

Reuben sandwich – you can choose to have a side of fries or salad. Additional top up for sweet potato fries or truffle fries
Cafe Melba2

Waffles with berries and ice cream – in the words of M, this looked nice from far (which is what made us order it in the first place), but it’s actually far from nice. First of all, the girls thought the portion of berries given was pretty small (like 4 blueberries, 1 raspberry and 4 quarters of a strawberry) and the waffles texture was a little too soggy on the inside which made it rather dense and hard to swallow.

Interestingly, when one of the waiters came to clear the plates away, M told him our feedback about the waffles and he responded in a rather hesitant “why are you telling me this” manner. Ten bucks says that he did not even care of her feedback. Boo…

The general agreement is that up to the point of dessert, it had been a pretty good meal. Unfortunately, the waffle just made the experience go downhill from there. I guess if we ever do return, we will not be having dessert at Cafe Melba.

For 5 people, we spent about $38 per person.

Add: 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Block N #01-56

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