Located next to its sister eatery Nam Nam, Comnam puts its focus on rice dishes, particularly the use of broken rice. The concept is almost the same as Nam Nam – a nice range of Vietnamese inspired rice dishes, together with decent lunch sets.  Admittedly, the marketing concept of broken rice does nothing for me. After all, the prices remain the same commercial prices. Furthermore, broken rice is cheaper and therefore seen as a lower quality of rice. However, since Nam Nam is frequently busy and does seem to be the popular outlet, Comnam, a very convenient neighbour, presents an alternative when the waiting gets too long.

The lure of Comnam is its lunch sets. For $9.90, you get a choice of 4 lunch sets, which comes with a main, soup of the day and a drink. There have been a few occasions where we just wanted a quick meal and Comnam had seats, hence we popped in to try their lunch set.

First lunch set option: Fried chicken balls, tomato-tumeric sauce, fried egg pickles with a choice of normal rice or kimchi rice. If you choose kimchi rice, the soup changes to a spicier option. The normal rice option gives you a cabbage soup with cuttlefish balls. We thought that the chicken balls were nicely done, though I still preferred the normal rice over the kimchi rice.

OR, you can op for the pork simmered in caramelised shrimp paste sauce, viet steamed egg with pork and fungus, pickles. Between the chicken and the pork, I actually liked this pork lunch set better. The serving size is also pretty generous, it was really hard to finish the entire meal.

They also have an interesting a la carte dish – Vietnamese sizzling crepe, pork, and bean sprouts ($10.90). The menu states that it is a 15 min wait, but they are actually pretty efficient about it. Season the crepe with the available condiments on the table (eg: chilli sauce, fish sauce) and you will end up with a pretty tasty dish!

Comnam definitely serves some tasty food, but nothing in particular really stands out for me. I suspect it will remain one of those places which I would consider whenever I’m in the vicinity.

Add: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47 Raffles City Shopping Centre

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