Ah Seah Teochew Porridge

The feeling of lethargy often hits me a bit more after being back from an intensive trip as the one I had in Japan. Our flight back from Osaka landed at 5.30am in the morning in Singapore. By the time I got back home, I was ready to just sleep for a very long long time. 

The disruption of my circadian rhythms resulted in me feeling a little too lethargic the second day I was back in Singapore. It’s a really weird feeling though, your brains feels super active and you really want to get some work done (like start blogging) but your body feels too tired to even move.

Nevertheless, I needed to get some food into my system to force my energy levels back up again. When M suggested going to have some Teochew porridge, I didn’t argue. Comfort food sounded just like the thing I needed. We ended up at Ah Seah Teochew porridge which is basically a coffeeshop which sells many many different dishes. You pick the dishes you want, and select rice or porridge.

Easy peasy.
IMG_5429 IMG_5430

So what makes Teochew porridge different from other types of porridge? I’m going to generalise here and assume that the porridge that most people would think of is the kind that is served at yum char/dim sum restaurants. That is Cantonese porridge, where the texture is much more gooey and you can’t always see the grains of rice. That is because Cantonese porridge uses some sodium bi-carbonate to get rid of the starchiness of the rice and as a result, some cooks tend to use broken rice (which is cheaper) to make the porridge.

On the other hand, Teochew porridge has a much more watery texture. The water is clear enough that you can still see the grains of the rice so that you know what you are eating. Some people don’t like it because they think that it is just a mixture of water and rice and they must have that gooey consistency where the water and rice merges together for it to be considered porridge. Well, we can agree to disagree.

In any case, if one has the craving for Teochew porridge (like I did), Ah Seah is a good choice to consider. They have large variety of dishes. For our lunch that day, we had Teochew braised duck, fish cake, salted vegetables, spinach and bittergourd. Y really liked it so much, he had two bowls of porridge. I’ve written at length for my love of braised meats. Ah Seah provides a decent rendition of the duck.

Add: 31 Teck Chye Terrace

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