Osaka: Abeton

This is the eleventh and final post on my recent food eating adventures to Japan. All other posts can be found here

We came across this place purely by accident. It was almost 2pm in the afternoon, we were hungry and after E decided that she was not going to risk getting lost by going above ground to look for an Okonomiyaki place recommended by the station master, we followed the underground subway signs to this Okonomiyaki place. It turned out perfect since the restaurant was located right at the exit which we needed to take later to Tennoji temple. 

Even though it was already so late in the afternoon, there were still people waiting outside. Like at least 3 couples ahead of us, but we decided to tough it out and wait since we were already here. The Singaporean in me was also convinced that if there was a queue, it had to be good.

E told her parents where we were and turns out this is a really popular place among locals. Even local Japanese food critics have raved about this place which claims to have invented the soba okonomiyaki and has been in business since 1970.

We had about a half an hour wait before we were finally seated. The first other of business was to get two cold beers. Luckily, we were able to get counter seats, so we could watch the owner in action.

After which, we got two types of Okonomiyaki. One was their house special: Sujikon Negiyaki which is made out of beef intestines, konyaku, green onion. Apparently, it is an Osaka special and you wouldn’t be able to find this version outside the Osaka area.

The second one we got was a mixed modern okonomiyaki, which consisted of soba, pork squid and prawns.

Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t like the beef intestine okonomiyaki, but it turned out to be really delicious. Between the Osaka and Hiroshima version, I think that both are equally good. It’s really hard to say that one is better than the other. I suspect that it comes down to political loyalties and whether you come from this region or not. I would say that the Osaka version has a thicker consistency due to the batter that is used to produce the okonomiyaki and thus, the mixture of the batter, the technique of cooking become quite important in this case. Perhaps, it is of no surprise that even though there were 3 tables of DIY okonomiyaki, many opted to have the kitchen make the okonomiyaki for them instead.

An accident find which turn out to be gold. I’m very glad that I got to try my first Osaka okonomiyaki at Abeton.

Add: Horikoshicho Tennoji-Ku | Abeno Underground Shopping Avenue No. 1 Abe Underground Center,Osaka 543-0056, Osaka Prefecture

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