Hiroshima: Rei-chan

This is the eighth post on my recent food eating adventures to Japan. All other posts can be found here

After having okonomiyaki in Osaka, I was really keen to try Hiroshima’s version which is more of a layered version of crepe, cabbage, beansprouts, pork, noodles, egg, sauce and green onions. Near the train station, there is a building with rows and rows of okonomiyaki shops. However, E’s family recommended us to try Rei-chan and with a recommendation from the locals, why not?IMG_5434

It’s quite an experience sitting right at the counter and watching the cooks make the okonomiyaki right in front of you. You can basically custom make your own okonomiyaki. You can choose between udon or soba for the noodle layer. You can choose the type of protein filling you would like with your okonomiyaki. Usually this ranges between different types of seafood or mochi. You can also choose an extra top layer for the okonomiyaki such as cheese.
Japan 20154

We got two types of Okonomiyaki to try – a soba okonomiyaki with mixed seafood of ocotopus, prawns, squid AND a soba okonomiyaki with mochi with an added cheese layer.
IMG_3594 IMG_3600

The task now falls to us customers to use the mini spatulas we’ve been given to cut the okonomiyaki up into bite sized pieces. Don’t bother try to cut through the layers on your own teeth – it creates a big unglam terrible mess. You can eat it straight from the spatula like most of the locals do, or you can be like me (the foreigner) and put the cut piece on your small dipping plate and attack it with your chopsticks (because we are so scared of burning our lips on the spatula)

I really enjoyed Rei-chan’s okonomiyaki. It was delicious and I loved all the layers. We saw a lot of locals, especially travellers eating at this place, so one senses that it definitely is a local favourite. Prices are reasonable and range between 800 – 1500 yen.

Add: Asse, 2-37 Matsubaracho, Minami Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 732-0822, Japan

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