Hiroshima: Bakudanya

This is the seventh post on my recent food eating adventures to Japan. All other posts can be found here

We were at the Hiroshima shinkasen station shopping and decided to catch a quick bite before heading back to Kobe. E’s friend brought us to this place, which supposedly is famous for being the original creators of Hiroshima style Tsukemen. It was conveniently located near the station and not so crowded, presumably because we were there in the late afternoon.

Once you walk in, you see alot of pictures of the owner (I think), taken with a lot of celebrities/famous people. Unfortunately, I did not recognize any of them. 😦

The walls are filled with friendly grafitti and at the back of the shop, there are 3 full shelves of manga. Sigh… If only I could read Japanese… I could totally picture myself being a geek and reading a novel or two while eating my Tsukemen.
Japan 20155

What is Tsukemen? Tsukemen is ramen which is served separately from the dipping soup and the noodles are usually served cold. You dip your noodles into the soup and then eat it from there. It’s perfect for summer, since you still get the ramen broth flavours but without the heat.

Bakudanya adds another twist to their Tsukemen. They serve the dipping soup at spicy levels from 0-30. If it’s anything like the chicken wing challenges we have in Singapore, experience tells me that usually 1-2 is already pretty spicy, so I was a wimp and opted for 0 spicy level at all.

Their dipping sauce came in sesame and shoyu flavours. We got both, though I generally preferred the sesame sauce as a matter of personal preference

E didn’t get Tsukemen but got their tan tan noodles instead. I understood it to be spicy mince meat noodles and with this dish, you cannot opt for no spice. It comes in small, medium or large spicy level. E opted for the small spicy level but she still found it to be pretty hot.

We also got their fried chicken or better known as karaage to try. This was pretty good.

I really enjoyed having Tsukemen, I think it’s a really good idea to combat the heat and humidity during the Japanese summers. I wish that Japanese restaurants in Singapore would consider having more Tsukemen style ramen on their menus. The prices at Bakudanya were also very reasonable. A bowl of regular Tsukemen cost us about 802 yen.

Add: Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Minami-Ku, Matsubara-cho, 1-2 Hiroshima Shinkasen Meitengai (733-0822)

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