Miyajima: Anago-meshi at Otani + Momiji manju at Miyajima Itsuki Coffee

This is the fifth post on my recent food eating adventures to Japan. All other posts can be found here

“When in Miyajima, one must try Anagomeshi”

This was like the one mantra we had in our head when we landed in Hiroshima and boarded the train for Miyajima. 

What is Anago? The easy translation = eel. However, some of us would start scratching our heads, isn’t Unagi = eel? Well, thankfully, the Internet kindly explains things for us. Unagi is freshwater eel. Anago is eel of the saltwater variety. It is known to less oily and to have a very soft texture in comparison to Unagi.

Guide books and numerous websites continuously rave about the restaurant Ueno Anagomeshi, which is located near the ferry terminal. However, due to our travel schedules, we knew that the timing wouldn’t be right for us, so we settled for finding Anagomeshi on Miyajima island instead.

It was a rainy day when we arrived at Miyajima. Nevertheless, we didn’t let it damper our mood as we walked around the island, taking photos and exploring the relatively deserted island (we blame the rain).

IMG_3456 IMG_3475

At about mid afternoon, we started getting hungry and luckily there were a few restaurants still open around us. We decided to check out Otani since they offered Anago-meshi.

I decided to go all out and get the set (1,600 yen), which included clams soup on top of the anago-meshi. As expected, the anago had a really soft texture and seem lighter than the unagi we eat all the time in Singapore. However, I particularly like the sauce that was cooked with the anago. A generous layer was also found at the bottom of the rice to mix with. The clam soup was also very delicious with light salty flavours.

I think Otani is worth a try, especially since Ueno is not located on the island and as much as I’m sure the food there tastes great, you can’t force the situation if your schedule only allows for a certain time slot.

After our afternoon meal, we explored the rest of the town and grabbed coffee and a momiji manju snack at Itsuki Coffee Cafe, a pretty chic cafe in the middle of the island, near where the pavillion is situated. E and I spent some time here resting and waiting for the rain to die down.
IMG_3491 IMG_3496

After we were well rested, we went back to check out the Tori gate at low tide, where both of us epic-ly waded into the sea ankle deep to capture some cool pictures like this one:
FullSizeRender (1)

All in all, a pretty eventful day, in my opinion.

Name: Otani
Add: 12 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi 739-0534, Hiroshima Prefecture

Name: Miyajima Itsuki Coffee
Add: 420 Miyajima Cho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture

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