Carbonara with capsicum, salami and mushrooms

This will be last of my cooking adventures for a while. I think the most fun was actually the cooking itself even though I often ended up eating the same dish two days in a row. The trials of cooking for a single person! Work is piling up and once again, the convenience of eating out is pulling me back out of the house. The good news though is that I’ll be going on a short holiday soon, so I’m quite excited to document my eating adventures then.

Why carbonara? I had half a packet of penne pasta sitting in the cupboard and I was a little tired of tomato based sauces. I also thought that it would contrast well with some capsicums that I had bought. So here goes:


Pasta (of your choosing)
Capsicums – have a variety of colours for better presentation!
Salami or ham or sausage of your choice
Carbonara sauce

1. Boil water for the pasta. Dump the pasta in once it reaches boiling temperature. This would free you up to prepare the sauce. Stir occasionally
2. Dice/slice all your vegetables. Once ready, heat some olive oil in a pan. Pan fry the capsicums and mushrooms.
3. Add your selected protein (salami/ham/sausage)
4. Stir fry and let the liquid from the mushrooms dry out before adding the carbonara sauce. Stir and season according to your taste.
5. Combine with your cooked pasta for a quick tasty dish. Garnish with Italian parsley for that sharp bite.


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