When I was student in Auckland and staying in a hostel, there were times when my friends and I would be so tired of hostel meals that we would head down to the city for dinner. Eating out in Auckland is not cheap compared to eating out in Singapore. However, I will always be forever grateful to the ethnic Korean and Chinese restaurants that sprung up around the city. They provided an opportunity for us homesick Asians to fulfill our rice and noodle cravings. They were also priced very reasonably and proved very popular among students living in the city.

Since coming back though, I’ve often lamented at the lack of affordable Korean cuisine, till I found out about Ajumma’s. I discovered it quite by accident. There was a special promotion on the sugar app and and since it was located near my school, I decided to buy a voucher from the place. Since then, I’ve been back a couple times. I must say that the place definitely has the Korean flavours right and their prices are very reasonable – majority of the sets are within the $10 range and students and movie goers get 10% off.


Bulgogi rice set ($8.90) – a pretty good execution. It tasted just like the ones I used to have in Auckland. My only complaint was that the rice had obviously been in the bowls for a while before being served (they are given to you at the counter once you make your order) which meant that when I finally got down to eating my meal, I found the rice to be pretty dry.

Kimchi Ramyeon ($7.90) – Egg noodles in a kimchi based soup with tofu and beef. Another enjoyable dish. It was a decent portion and the kimchi soup was tasty.

Army stew – Egg noodles in a kimchi soup with mushrooms, luncheon meat, sausage, tofu and vegetables. I’m not sure where this dish comes from but it felt like a dish I would make if I had come home from school hungry in the afternoon and would add whatever ingredients I could find in the fridge just to fill the tummy up.

Ajumma’s offers decent Korean style cuisine at an affordable price. Worth trying if the food at the school food court gets too dreary.

Add: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-23

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