iSteaks started out as a hawker stall selling value for money grilled meats and fish before their overwhelming popularity led to them opening this more comfortable outlet at myVillage. G decided to ‘blanjah’ us dinner so he decided to take us there for dinner that night

The decor has a very retro feel to it and costs have been kept low by the use of free sitting (no manager to control the tables, just wait around like you would in a hawker center and scramble around a table once it frees up), self service cutlery booths, self service drinks counter, and ordering at the cashier once you’re ready. Waiters are mainly there to serve the plates and clean up.


Most of us were in the mood for steak, so this is what we got

NZ Ribeye 200g ($18) – Every grilled item comes with a choice of 2 sides. And there are many to choose from. D had the french beans and coleslaw.

AU Ribeye, 100 days, grass fed ($20) – sides of baked potato and cream spinach. The fuss and rage of having grass fed beef is that traditionally, cows were meant to eat grass but due to mass production of cows for the steak hungry humans, cows are today fed an unnatural diet of grain instead. What this means is that basically the quality of the meat differs and grass fed beef (with cows eating what they’re supposed to originally) is thought to be be of better quality with more Omega3 fatty acids.

NZ Striploin, 200g ($16) – sides of macaroni and cheese and onion rings

Grilled NW Salmon ($18) – with sides of coleslaw and salad

I’m no steak expert, though I love eating it. In general, I felt the difference of having a NZ or Aust ribeye was a little lost on me. I was able to try both and I did not find much different in the taste of meat – both were very juicy and well cooked. I only wished that for the ribeye, the kitchen had rendered the fatty side of the steak a bit more so as to give that caramelized texture that most of us love so much about our steaks. There were parts of our steak which were pretty chewy and we ended up leaving them on the plate.

The sirloin however, was excellent and very well cooked. It had a nice sear on both sides and the fat was rendered beautifully.

Come early for a table, or be prepared to wait around. Prices are reasonable and portions are huge, which attest to the huge number of students/youngsters we saw around us.

Add: 1 Maju Avenue,Serangoon Gardens, #02-03

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