I used to avoid eating at Grub because the waiting time was often horrendously long and its location was such that there were no nearby alternatives. If you went to Grub, you had to eat at Grub because it was like the only place in the middle of Bishan Park. Until recently, when it got itself signed up on chope’s online reservation system. It made things so much easier. When M requested a lunch place that was near our addresses and not too ‘atas’ so that she could bring her child along, Grub immediately sprang to mind. It’s a pretty kid friendly place, with baby chairs and even baby utensils. Staff are also generally friendly and tolerant of kids – even active, screaming ones.

They have a limited menu for lunch, consisting of mainly burgers and pastas. If I remember correctly, their menu becomes a bit more extensive during dinner time.

Mushroom pasta ($15) – linguine, light cream, mushrooms, wild rocket. There was a very strong garlicky taste in this dish, so it really depends on whether you’re a garlic fan or not. M tried to feed her son some of her mushrooms since its his favourite, but apparently the strong garlic smell turned him off! LOL.

Grub cheeseburger ($13) – I thought this was pretty well done. The beef patty was a bit more on the well done side though this was fine with me. This was really tasty and easy for me to finish. There is also a double cheeseburger version for those who think the single is not enough.
blog photos7

Grub has a good variety of cakes and desserts for the sweet tooth. We tried their Coconut, mango and passionfruit chiffon cake. Definitely got the mango and passionfruit flavours but couldn’t really detect the coconut. It was a bit too sweet for me so I was done after a few bites but M enjoyed it and polished it off.

Grub is definitely a favourite among families and young students. Its location also means that it’s easy for families living around the area to get to and not have to worry about traffic or juggling kids in the public transport. Great alternative if you’re meeting friends with kids or you want to have lunch with your family!

Add: 510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (Bishan Park 1)

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