KL: Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant

This my seventh and final post on my eating adventures in Malaysia (2015). Previous posts can be found here.

My last night in KL, I told D that I wanted to eat crabs. Coming from a really health conscious family in Singapore, there’s hardly any opportunity to eat crabs. After all, crabs are meant to be eaten in a group, not individually. D decided to try this new place in PJ which had received some favourable reviews among the food bloggers. We got there around 7pm and were able to get a table pretty quickly. We got two crabs to share – salted egg and buttermilk crab.


Salted egg crab – These were just all right for me. Felt that the kitchen could have given a bit more salted egg sauce (it seemed to just barely coat the shells) and the texture of the sauce could have been a more creamier as well. I got a little irritated that the kitchen did not really help to crack the crab shells. It was really hard trying to get the meat out, especially the pincers. D had to use his manly strength to help pound one of the shells open. Cue awkward ‘pong pong’ noises coming from our table and crab shell pieces in my hair.

Buttermilk crab – This was my first time trying buttermilk crab and I really enjoyed it. We ordered some buns along with the crabs and the buttermilk gravy was perfect for dipping them into.

Although the food was all right, our first impressions of this place was not very good. In contrast to what other blogs have said, the food took very very very very long to arrive. So much so, we actually contemplated ditching our order to go next door to Wong Poh Restaurant which also sells crabs, is more popular and seems to have more efficient service. C actually went over to look for a table, but the food arrived just as she found one (so ‘heng’ for them). In addition to that, at around 8.30pm, a new group came to sit at the table beside us and we overheard the wait staff telling them that they had run out of crabs. OMG!

D commented that this restaurant should consider renaming themselves ‘Super slow crab aroma seafood restaurant’ instead.

Considering that there are many other places around Petaling Jaya selling crabs, there is really very little incentive for us to come back here again. Oh well!

Add: 40, Jalan BM 12, Taman Bukit Mayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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