KL: Kedai Makanan Sinki

This is the sixth post of my eating adventures in Malaysia. Previous posts can be found here.

“I’ll take you to this place which only locals know. Can’t be found on lonely planet….”

True enough, a quick google search revealed that this restaurant has yet to be pinpointed on the numerous commercial websites. Rather, any information found is through the numerous food bloggers who have been sharing their experiences on their various websites. Yay, score one for food blogging! 

Dengkil is located on the way to KL Airport, a good 30 minute drive from D’s house. When we got there on a Saturday afternoon, it was packed! So much so, we had to wait for a table for about 20 minutes before we finally got seated. Sinki is famous for a couple of dishes which we focused on. That’s the thing when you’re just a small group, you have limited stomach space and have to be rather selective about what you eat. Because it was so crowded, we had to wait really long for our food. I’m also pretty sure that our table got skipped because there was a table that was seated after us but got their food first. It was only about 2pm when the food finally arrived, but the good thing is that they all arrived at once.

Steamed tofu with fishballs – On one particular food blog, the blogger raved about this dish, describing the tofu to be “as soft as a baby’s buttocks”. Well. I’ve never had baby’s buttocks, but that was an interesting analogy to warrant trying the dish. So, the tofu was indeed very soft and light. The fishballs were very springy as well.

This could arguably be Sinki’s most famous/popular dish, deep fried fish in a spicy soy, ginger, garlic sauce. I think everyone who ate here ordered this dish. It’s like one of the must haves. For good reason too. Crispy skin contrasted with the tender fish meat. The sauce was really delicious and I really liked mixing it in with my rice.

Another one of their specialties – fresh water prawns / udang galah. You can get this steamed or deep fried. We got the steamed version (in yellow wine), which is probably better if you’re into prawn roe as well. The owner advised us to eat this while it was hot so as to get the best taste out of it. This was another well executed dish, the prawns were really fresh.

For three people, the total bill came to about RM$120. The pricey dish would be the prawns. D calculated that one prawn would cost about RM$30 and we ordered 2 prawns. Nonetheless, this was a very delicious lunch. Worth coming back for the next time I’m in KL. Just remember to give yourself ample time since it does get crowded during the weekends.

Add: No. 96, Jalan Besar, 43800 Dengkil, SelangorNo. 96, Jalan Besar, 43800, Dengkil, Selangor, 43800, Malaysia
Note: Closed on Tuesdays
Tel: +603-87688268/ +012-2667161 (Mr Lee Chee Keong)

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