KL: Shin Kee Beef Noodles

This is the fifth post of my eating adventures in Malaysia (2015). Previous posts can be found here.

When I first came to KL to visit D, this was one of the first few places he brought me to. Sadly though, in my other visits since then, we’ve not been back. This time, I requested to go back again, as I still remembered how awesome the bowl of noodles was (after so many years!) and that became the dinner plan. Apparently, in the evenings, the owners shift location to a stall on Petaling Street, which is where we went for my beef noodles fix.

D likes to point out how despite the popularity of the stall, they’ve remained in their small restaurant space and have neither expanded nor franchised their recipe out. For foodies galore, this tells you two things – the quality of the food remains consistent and the owners are truly passionate about their craft and it’s not all about the money.

To order, it’s very simple, choose your noodle (bee hoon, kway teow or yellow noodle); soup or dry (dry is recommended) and wait. Within minutes, you’ll be served with a very unassuming bowl of noodles, but PACKED full of flavour. To me, the clincher for this wonderful simple bowl is the beef mince. If they just sold noodles and the beef mince only, I would still buy it and eat it many times over. The noodles also come with a bowl of soup with beef balls, beef slices, beef stomach and intestines. 4 words: BEST BEEF NOODLES EVER.
KL 20152

After dinner, we were too full to eat any other substantial dishes. Hence, we went for a gui ling gao fix at Koong Woh Tong, also on Petaling Street. Gui ling gao is a herbal Chinese jelly that is said to have many beneficial health properties. Having a bitter taste on its own, it is usually served with sugar syrup or honey. It’s one of those desserts that go down really easily. It doesn’t hurt too that it is a ‘healthy’ dessert.
KL 20153

As a Singaporean, I get a lot of crap from my Malaysian friends on how Malaysian food is so much better than Singapore food. Usually, this becomes a full fledged argument. However, for this particular beef noodle dish, I think they’ve won this hands down.

Add: 7A Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Note: At night, from about 6pm onwards, the owners set up shop along Petaling Street, beside the food court.

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